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Checkout Manager Problem and temporary solution

If you are using checkout manager, I'm sure you are aware of today's service interruption at Yahoo! Store. Basically, stores that are using the new Checkout Manager have a major capacity issue where customers either have long waits during checkout, or experience timeouts, error messages or other interruptions. While Yahoo's engineers have been working all day to fix the problem, here is a quick temporary solution you can probably apply to your store, if your store is affected: Log into your Store Manager Click on "Checkout Manager" Click on "Disable Checkout Manager". Read the warning and disable it anyway. Back in the "Store Manager", click "Publish" under "Order Settings". Go to the store editor, hit "Variables", click "Update" and publish the store. At this point, your store's checkout will be reverted to the "old" checkout, which still works fine. A couple of notes: If you