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Responsive, Adaptive, Dedicated Mobile

We're continuing to get tons of questions to explain the difference between responsive, adaptive and dedicated mobile.  This tells me there's still quite a lot of confusion on what these all are and which one might be best for you to choose. What are the differences? Dedicated Mobile : a dedicated mobile site is entirely separate from the desktop site with a separate URL, most frequently a sub-domain, such as . Usually a piece of JavaScript code detects that the page is loaded from a mobile device, and it makes a redirect to the mobile equivalent of the page. Responsive : a responsive site displays the exact same pages that you see from a desktop computer as well as any other device the site is viewed from, e.g. laptop, tablet, mobile phone. Using media queries, css, and/or JavaScript, the page is set up to "respond" to the screen size and/or device it is displayed on thereby making the page still usable on a smaller screen. You can typica