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Once again ONCE

Back in September of 2007 I wrote a post here about using the ONCE RTML operator to speed up the yahoo store editor . In that article I mentioned that the ONCE operator has two modes, one to evaluate the operator's body once per publish and the other, once per page. What I said there was that while ONCE :publish has great potentials and practical uses, ONCE :page wasn't too useful. Well, today I must correct that statement, as I recently discovered two ways to use ONCE :page. To recap, a statement like this: TEXT ONCE :page GRAB CALL :some-template will evaluate the body of the ONCE operator once on the page and output its result. So in the example above, it would only call the template called some-template once on each page and output whatever some-template writes to the page. So far so good, if you have this block only once on the page, then having ONCE :page in it makes no difference. Now consider this: some Yahoo! Stores have a breadcrumbs trail both at the top and at t