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Get Your Store Ready for HTTPS

You probably received an email from Google announcing that starting in October of 2017, sites that cannot be accessed via HTTPS will be flagged in Chrome as not secure. This is part of Google's push to make the entire Internet secure. To answer this call, Yahoo is working hard on making HTTPS available to all stores and it should be available shortly; definitely well before the deadline set by Google. In some cases, stores will simply be able to flip a switch and make their site secure (conforming). However, other stores, most notably highly customized ones will need extra effort making sure they are ready for the switch. What if your site is switched to HTTPS but it is not entirely secure? If - when it becomes available - you switch your site over to HTTPS but not all parts of the site are secure, visitors to the site will still see a note informing them that the site is not secure. They may, and often will, also receive popups warning them of insecure content and asking if the

Yahoo! Store Contents Tree Optimization

Way back when - I'm not sure if this is still true today - when you signed up for a new Yahoo! Store account, before you could do anything in your new store, there was a brief tutorial on how to use the editor. Part of this tutorial showed you how to create sections (category pages), sub-sections (sub-category pages), and items (product pages), thereby introducing to the new store owner or user the idea of a well-planned store hierarchy. This was before breadcrumbs were even a thing, but it laid the foundation for that and much more. Recently, our team-mates and I found ourselves having to explain more and more how store hierarchy works, how it affects breadcrumbs (and multi breadcrumbs), contextual navigations (more on this later) and possibly SEO, so I decided to put all these thoughts together in this brief overview and tutorial. What is store structure? Strictly speaking, store structure is determined by how your store's home page, top category pages, sub-category pages, f